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Case Processing Service

Standing firmly behind you

To bridge the gap between Canadian employers and overseas workers by providing the power of choice. Whether through legal consulting or settlement planning, our mission is to provide high-quality service and meet customer satisfaction.

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Eligible Work Status

In order to ensure the eligibility of applicants to work, stay, and enjoy appropriated benefits overseas, our legal team that is lead by well-qualified barristers will proudly serve the following:

  • Eligible work permits application and renewal

  • Permanent Residence Card application and renewal

  • Sponsor your spouse, partner or child to reunification

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Premium Relocation Settlements

AzureHR settlement service teams in different locations are on standby all the time to provide applicants top services.

Before-landing services:On-boarding guidance, board-entry assistance, settlements confirming, children's education planning, brief local introduction, and problem inquiring.

After-landing services:Flight picking up, bank accounts opening, mobile and other services opening, medical plan application, and in-person assistance.

Our purpose is to make every newcomer feel at home in their new location, reduce adaption period, and make better performance in their new workplaces.

​Legal Team

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Dr. Alan Freckelton 

​Immigration Lawyer

Dr. Freckelton is a licensed immigration lawyer who has the qualifications of lawyers in the United States, Canada and other countries. He is the author of many books on immigration law, and he's been teaching immigration law-related courses in Canada. He has worked in the Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Environment and other government agencies. Published articles in top international academic journals.


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