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 Success Stories

Employers Love Our Service

Our employer pipeline have generally found monumental value in our brand of recruitment services. We, at AzureHR, pride ourselves on going above and beyond our required scope of responsibilities to deliver the most outstanding line of HR and recruitment solutions that are readily available on the incumbent market. 

Anonymous Construction Company Manager in Ontario

Since our inception in 2018, we have tripled in size each year. We are proud to say of each of our employees have been sourced from AzureHR. I remembered when we first engaged with AzureHR, we were just a six-person company making our first external hire. We didn't want to use a recruiter at first, but our workload increased, we found we had insufficient time sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, preparing job offers, etc. – we were simply not utilizing our time in the most efficient way possible.

It has proven to be one of the best investments we have ever made as AzuerHR enabled us to access their extensive database of jobseekers to assess and interview. Throughout our experience with them, they have routinely over-delivered by allowing us to freely select the best candidates for our roles. They provide a seamless recruitment process where we can experience fast turnarounds and enjoy increased productivity because of our new hires. Need less to say, we would be hard pressed to find another recruitment and HR company that is as efficient as AzureHR.

Anonymous Electrical Company Owner in Nova Scotia

As an electrical company, we are always looking for professional electricians and electrical technicians to join our team. Due to the nature of the job, however, our requirements for electricians are very specific. With AzureHR, their recruitment specialist in fully comprehended the nicheness of our industry, but was also able to cross-reference their large database of professional electricians to provide us with applicable suitors.

They provided us the candidates who are fully qualified for the role which increased the efficiency of our hiring process. We cannot be happier with the integrity of their service and the efficacy of their program.

Anonymous Cabinet Making Company Owner in Ontario

I have been struggling with my small business when my business partner passed away a few months ago. I was overwhelmed with too many things on my plate, and with the plethora of projects we had on hand, I was too busy to look for new hire. It was not until AzureHR contacted me for the hiring services where I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

They first offered me a free trial round of recruits to see how the process is like. I told them I needed someone to fill the position of Cabinet Finisher and CNC Operator as soon as possible. I am completely amazed by their efficiency in finding an experienced and qualified candidate in just a short period of time. With great satisfaction of their services, I will continue to work with AzureHR to handle all of my hiring needs.

Anonymous Restaurant Manager in Saskatchewan

Ever since we worked with AzureHR for our hiring system, we have never had to worry about staffing with our restaurant. In the past, we would routinely experience difficulties in hiring the right people since we are based in a remote area, and it is always hard to find people who are willing to work for small businesses for a long term. However, AzureHR has provided us with solutions to find quality, loyal candidates.

Their recruitment specialist took the time to understand our requirements for the position and was able find us suitable workers shortly after our initial meeting. We have long found it difficult to hire Asian cuisine cooks, so we decided to hire an overseas chef to fulfill to fill the position. AzureHR not only took care of the hiring process, but their sister company, NAVEG, also efficiently handled the entire documentation process associated to hiring workers. The chef has been with us for well over a year now and we are all happy AzureHR was able to link us together.

Anonymous Farm Owner in British Columbia

I am incredibly thankful for the fully comprehensive recruitment services that AzureHR has provided me. This summer, I experienced every farm owner's worst nightmare; 10 of my best farm labourers quit with hardly any notice. I had no idea how I was going to make a profit this summer as a result of being heavily understaffed and began to fear for my business.

I decided to look into AzureHR's recruitment services when a fellow business owner recommended them to me. After visiting their website and submitting a contact form, a recruitment specialist reached out to me and assured me that they could assist in finding quality farm labourers. The recruiter was highly professional and courteous, and immediately presented me some high quality farm candidates. The quality of the candidates in which they presented me were amazing, and I hired 8 of them within weeks. The process was incredibly smooth and all my issues related to understaffing were quickly resolved. I have never had such hard working, quality labourers on my farm until I partnered with AzureHR.

Thank you AzureHR!

Anonymous Construction Company Owner in Saskatchewan

Working with AzureHR has made our lives so much easier - consolidation of data via AzureHR has cut our candidate research time in half. Our employee turnover rate at our construction site has worsened for over the years, especially since the pandemic. Turning to AzreHR has been the best decision we have made for our human resources as they have saved us time and money.

They pre-screened and qualified candidates to ensure our HR Manager is always interviewing candidates that best fit for the role. Their brand of services are highly-responsive so we were able to move through their process very quickly. They place an increased emphasis on filling our employment needs with their candidate pipeline, and we got a response within a matter of 24 hours as a result. The efficiency of the platform has become a core part of our human resources team’s workflow. All in all, we have successfully hired 5 skilled carpenters in less than a month that perfectly fit the job description for the role.

Anonymous Hotel Manager in British Columbia

In my experience with AzureHR, they gradually became my go-to tool recruitment agency whenever we have openings for Housekeepers and Front Desk Clerks. Our company has suffered a huge impact of labor shortage during the pandemic, and thanks to one of their recruitment specialists who reached out to me, they assured they can provide qualified candidates for my job openings.

I have to say, the timing couldn’t be better. The on-board staff were extremely loyal, hardworking and efficient, and I was able to build positive professional relationships with them. They provided me with a pool of qualified candidates that made it easy for me to connect with them. I have never felt so taken care of by a recruitment agency as they have taken the grunt work out of human resources – namely, by filling 15 housekeeping openings in less than 20 days. As a result, my staffing problem was smoothly resolved. I would have never been able to acquire these many housekeepers in such short period of time without AzureHR.

Anonymous Meat Cutting Plant Manager in Ontario

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted my family's meat shop in ways we would have never anticipated. We have a small business and our employees are also our family. They have been working for us for a very long time. In fact, prior to COVID, we had not hired any new employees for 2 years. This all changed due to one of our family members in our home country catching COVID. Many of my family members who also work at our meat shop, had to return to India to be with our sick family member. While I am thankful that our sick family member back home was not alone during this time, this left our meat shop severely understaffed.

During this time, I came across an advertisement for AzureHR, a recruitment organization. Up until this point, we had primarily employed family members so I was hesitant to work with individuals outside of the family. However, AzureHR presented our meat shop with highly skilled butchers that were available to work in a timely manner. We hired 4 of these candidates, and I have been continuously impressed with their amazing work ethic since their very first day with us. These amazing butchers have become a part of our family and I would have never been introduced to them without the help of AzureHR.

Anonymous Restaurant Owner in British Columbia

I own a restaurant with a very high profile and big reputation. Every year I experience the same theme with my staff; we have an influx of cooks for the summer season, but we lose a lot of them in September as many of them resume their studies at university. We are very busy during our summer season as our patio is a hotspot in town, which always results in myself being far too busy to think about the loss of cooks in September. As a result, I am typically left scrambling and am very overworked during this transition period.

This year I thought it would be a good idea to get some extra help with our inevitable need for cooks in September. I am so glad I discovered AzureHR. They began screening candidates months in advance. As a result, these cooks were ready to begin working as soon as the positions opened up. This left me with no period where I was short-staffed in the kitchen, which I usually experience in the beginning of September. As a result, I was able to use this time to focus on other aspects of my business, which has highly improved productivity around the restaurant. I would recommend AzureHR to any company needing quality staff in a timely matter.


Aaron and his team at AzureHR are always incredibly efficient and detailed-oriented whenever we have employment needs. Their team really gets to understand our company and culture before presenting us with their candidates.  They make things tremendously easy and convenient for us in the interview and onboarding process, and the support and response rate their team routinely shows is unparalleled with any HR and recruitment agency we have ever worked with.  If you are experiencing any type of labour shortage or employee retention concerns, AzureHR is your go-to company!

Dane Walters,
Owner/Operator of Tim Horton's in Golden, BC

My name is Mandeep and I own a restaurant in BC, and are experiencing a staff shortage. Jill and Aaron from AzureHR Services Inc. have been really friendly and efficient in seeking candidates to fill this shortage. I highly recommend their service. 

Owner of Legendz Diner, BC

Image by Clay Banks
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