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Hand it over to professionals

We work directly with you to support your Human Resources needs, helping you get the most out of your people in order to achieve your organizational goals.​

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Provide strategic advice on HR change management during corporate transition period when the company is experiencing layoffs, expansion, merger, restructuring, etc.

Provide advice to companies on development of competitive HR recruitment and selection strategies.

Provide advice on corporate staff training and employee development.

Provide advice to companies on development of market-oriented benefit and compensation strategies for retention of HR talents.

Provide career counselling services to individuals or groups to improve morale, job performance and productivity in the form of one-on-one talks or workshops.

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Corporate HR Outsourcing Services

AzureHR enters a cooperative agreement with a Canadian or international company that considers fully outsourcing its human resources services.

AzureHR becomes the enterprise's human resources agent, performing the corporate HR tasks and duties, taking full responsibilities for its corporate HR decisions and operations, helping the enterprise save HR expenses and realize benefits.

AzureHR performs the HR function through its own onsite dispatched HR specialist team or consultants as HR agents, performing the full spectrum of HR management functions from hiring to firing on behalf of the enterprise.

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A La Carte HR Service


AzureHR helps organizations with specific HR services, like developing corporate  HR systems, policies, and procedures, or HR information systems.

AzureHR helps organizations create standard HR operating documents, including standard workflow documents such as employee manuals, job descriptions, job offer letters, dismissal letters, employee records, and so on.

AzureHR provides corporate HR services in recruitment and selection service, and strategic analysis and services to businesses surrounding staff training and employee development (STED), compensation and benefits (C-B).

AzureHR helps businesses get through the transition period with analytical solutions for HR challenges and implementation of countermeasures for mergers and acquisitions, etc.

AzureHR assists enterprises in dismissing employees and related follow-up services to minimize the risk of termination.

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