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The new Career Resources for Parents helps parents guide their youth throughout the career exploration journey.

Career planning can be overwhelming for youth. They have a wide range of choices to explore and so much information available to look at. As parents, you can help! Start the conversations today. The Career Resources for Parents includes information and resources to equip you to assist your youth on their journey towards a fulfilling career. You’ll find helpful resources and information to:

  • Brainstorm your youth’s interests and passions in finding a path that matches their personality.

  • Explore a wide range of industries and occupations to identify what appeals to them best.

  • Create a career portfolio assembled with accomplishments, work history and goals to plan for success.

  • Put the plan into action by identifying the steppingstones for further development, such as post-secondary education, volunteering, apprenticeship or a gap year.

  • Understand about financing their training or education through various funding sources, like government funding, scholarships, co-op and bursaries.

Career planning, for most, is more than a matter of making a single decision that dictates the rest of their life. Your youth may change their direction and revisit their plans at any time. They will learn, grow and change with each experience. Accompany their lifelong journey by being a supportive ally.

(Source: WorkBC)

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